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The skills your child needs to succeed!

Live, online, game-based courses to help kids build executive functioning and social-emotional skills.

Is your child's school really teaching them what they need to learn?

  • Research shows that executive functioning and social-emotional skills like time management and self-awareness are the most important predictors of success.
  • Unfortunately, most schools these days simply do not have the time, the experience, or the resources to teach these incredibly important skills to their students.
  • That’s where LearningWorks Live comes in. Our online, game-based executive functioning courses will help your child build the vital skills they need to succeed!

How it Works

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    Sign Up

    Enroll your child in one of our upcoming workshops. See below for a complete schedule.

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    Learn Online

    Your child will meet with instructors and peers, either in an online video conference or in games like Fortnite and Minecraft, to learn from popular games and apps.

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    See the Difference at School

    We design each of our Workshops to give your child easy-to-use tools and strategies that they can put to work at school today!


Two Ways to Start Today!

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Upcoming Classes

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Don't Let Your Child Fall Behind!

Research shows that Executive Functioning and Social-Emotional skills are absolutely essential to success at school and beyond.

Kids who don’t develop these skills will often fall behind in their studies, and have a hard time catching up.

Starting your child on an executive function training program now will make them a happy, healthier, more successful student for years to come!

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