Beyond Games: Teaching Social Skills

“Hello, my name is…” “How are you?” “I like your shirt.” “Nice talking to you.” “See you tomorrow.”

These phrases seem simple enough, but children who struggle with social relationships […]


Snapchat is a social app for sharing brief image and video messages that expire soon after users send them.

Google Talk

Google Talk is a free online communication tool for video, voice, and text communication. Users can log into their Google account, and instantly connect with other users on their friends list.


FaceTime is a video chat service by Apple that helps with Self-Awareness and Planning.


AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) is a chatting service that helps with Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Writing, and can be useful for children with ASD.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an online social community geared towards young children which can help practice Self-Awareness and Self-Control.

World of Warcraft

This role-playing game helps with Planning, Self-Awareness and Reading, and is recommended to players ages 14+


This action game helps players improve their Flexibility and Self Awareness skills, and is recommended for kids 13+

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