Spotify is a free app that can be used to play, stream, and search for music, as well as organize libraries into personalized playlists. Spotify is recommended for children ages six and older. is a great website and app for listening to a variety of online radio stations, or for creating your own unique playlist and sharing music with others.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is an Apple device for listening to music and downloading a massive variety of apps from games, to assistive technology solutions.


Garage Band is an audio recording application that allows users to create music using digital or real instruments. They can then edit and mix tracks to create professional-quality audio tracks.

Ringtone Designer

Ringtone Designer allows users to use a song from their music library to create a ringtone or notification sound. This app is easy to use, and can be a great, low-cost solution for changing a ringtone frequently.


iTunes is an application that allows users to purchase, store, and play a variety of media.

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