Down in Bermuda


Down in Bermuda is a cozy puzzle game where you are helping an elderly stranded aviator named Milton explore and ultimately escape the islands of Bermuda. The player needs […]

The Room 2

The Room 2 is a puzzle game where you, the anonymous player, are being guided along in a series of darkened rooms by a scientist’s mysterious notes. Certain portions of […]

Bird BnB


Bird BnB is a cozy idle game where you play a bird who runs a Bird Bed and Breakfast with her grandmother. After moving back home with her marketing […]



Daylio is a habit tracker and diary app where the user selects emojis and icons instead of worded entries in order to keep track of their daily activities. When […]

Endless Wordplay


Endless Wordplay is an early reading and rhyming app for children ages 4 and up. The child opens the app and clicks on a spot on a map to […]

Learn Math Facts


Learn Math Facts is an app designed to help build up your math skills across different operations and levels of difficulty. When the user opens the app, they can […]

SongPop Party


SongPop Party is a music trivia game that can be played alone or with other people. The players are given a few seconds of a song and need to […]



Todoist is an organization app that allows the user to keep track of all of their important tasks and plan ahead by scheduling tasks for future dates. The user […]

Tiler More


Tiler More is a word creation puzzle game where the player moves through rounds by stacking and combining letters to create words. The game takes place on a 3×3 […]

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