Christmas-Worthy Games That Improve Reading Comprehension

Have you ever seen a child totally immersed in her video game play? Try to get her attention and it seems like she’s in another world (she is). But ask her later about what she was doing and chances are she’ll amaze you with her understanding and comprehension of what was happening in the game.

Can games really improve reading comprehension? Can they help kids improve their textual and oral language skills? The team at LearningWorks for Kids says yes, and we have a list of games to prove it. Christmas is almost upon us, but these games that improve reading comprehension are all available on app stores and online, making them easy last-minute gift purchases.

Steampunk Tower is one of many excellent games that improve reading comprehension

Steampunk Tower requires kids to read and follow directions, perfect practice for improving reading comprehension

Steampunk Tower – Steampunk is a term that refers to a style of design that places futuristic machines within the confines of Victorian technology. Steampunk Tower takes this to the next level by allowing players take the helm to help Lord Bingham and research leader Jane to build and protect a steampunk tower from an onslaught of powerful enemies. Players must read dialogue and directions and act accordingly in order to succeed.

World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic – MMORPGs like WoW and SWTOR are well-suited for exercising reading skills and comprehension for the sheer amount of backstory, mission directions, and progress that appear in writing. Though games like these are text-heavy, they are also incredibly engaging, prompting players to want to read to learn and be entertained.

Thomas Was Alone – You can find a version of Thomas Was Alone for whichever platform you prefer, be it Android, iOS, PC, Mac, or console.Players work to help newly self-aware AIs escape their computer birthplace and work together by complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. All of the written story appears on screen as it is read by a delightfully dry and funny narrator, which is perfect for readers who need to reinforce their skills.

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IF… – Particularly useful for building self awareness, IF… also builds reading comprehension skills as players interact and converse with the characters in the world of Ziggurat as they try to understand what has caused the dark Rift that is taking control of their normally peaceful wildlife, the Zim.

If you are interested in finding more games that improve reading comprehension and other thinking skills, see our archive of Playbook and App+ reviews.


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