Top 5 Games this Christmas Season for Children with ADHD

During the Christmas season, parents may have some reservations about purchasing video games for children with ADHD. The inclination to buy books or school supplies may seem the best way to combat their hyperactivity. However, the right video games can also work to harness their attention and discourage impulsivity, important traits for any young learner to adopt. Check out our top recommendations below, then be sure to see our Top 5 Apps for ADHD this Christmas, too.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour

5) Tap Tap Revenge Tour

Tap Tap Revenge Tour offers children with ADHD an outlet to demonstrate focus, as they work to tap and shake their mobile device to the beat of a song. The intense concentration necessary to follow the complex and fast-paced musical cues will occupy children with a single task. It takes much practice to be able to play an entire song without missing any notes, helping players to exercise goal-directed persistence as they work to perfect their performance.

Amazing Alex

4) Amazing Alex

A puzzle game rooted in physics, Amazing Alex challenges children with organizing materials to reach each level’s goal. Children who play the game will set an object in motion, creating a domino effect with other on-screen items. Children will be tasked to understand the relationships among objects, driving them to exercise their Focus, Planning and Flexibility skills, as they utilize a host of different strategies during play.

Sports Champions

3) Sports Champions 1 & 2

Using the motion sensing Playstation Move, the Sports Champions games for PS3 provide a way to focus the hyperactivity that often accompanies children with ADHD into a single task. Children can choose from six different games, including Disc Golf and Bocce Ball. Each game works well to test Self-Control, as children must carefully control their actions and be aware of how their movements will affect gameplay.

Bad Piggies

2) Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a spin-off from the Angry Birds series, where children help “piggies” traverse the length of each level. Using a variety of mobile machines, children must plan out strategies to ensure their piggy reaches the end of the map, while attempting to collect bonus stars for their efforts. The game helps children with ADHD practice good Planning skills while providing them the opportunity to engage in Flexible thinking, with the game’s heavy reliance on trial-and-error stratgey.

Kinect Sports1) Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection

A comprehensive compilation of all the Kinect Sports games for Xbox, this collection features 13 different sports games, including everything from Skiing to Baseball. Children must channel their Working Memory and demonstrate Self-Control, as this collection of motion sensory games require children to recall specific motion commands and manage their behaviors in order to execute them correctly. The interactive nature of the games helps facilitate the kind of exercise and vigorous activity that studies have shown can effect brain chemistry in a positive way, helping to improve things like concentration in children with ADHD.

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