Top 5 Apps This Christmas for Children with Dyslexia


The Christmas season is upon us once again, and that means many will be filling the mall and fighting the crowds for the best doorbuster deals. If you’re gift-giving for a child with Dyslexia, though, your best bet may be to stay home and hit the digital shelves of the app store. Below, you’ll find ideas for stuffing stockings full of the best iPhone, iPad and Android apps for children who struggle with learning disabilities. After checking out our recommendations, make sure to see our Top 5 Games for Dyslexia to give this Christmas, as well.

Vlingo5) Vlingo

Vlingo is chock full of benefits for children who struggle to read, write, and decode text. The app showcases great versatility, facilitating control over a tablet or smartphone through various voice commands. Vlingo can browse the internet, compose email or text messages, set reminders, take notes and even voice-dial phone numbers — removing the need for constantly reading and writing text. With this app, Dyslexic children can increase their productivity and feel at ease when faced with traditionally text-heavy tasks.

Dragon Dictation4) Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a powerful and simple-to-use voice-to-text application for use on smartphones, tablets and home computers. The trouble Dyslexic kids have with writing can make it hard to develop ideas or get their thoughts down on paper, but with this app, they can give voice commands to take notes, draft a quick email or create a text message. With the PC or Mac based software, users can write entire papers, blog posts, or lengthy emails simply by speaking out loud.

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Grammar Girl3) Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is a great resource for researching those hard to remember rules of grammar. Children who struggle with reading and writing comprehension will find the app’s quick and easy-to-understand tips useful with homework and creative projects. Grammar Girl provides tips and tricks for common mistakes, ensuring that your child can learn to identify and correct errors, and avoid mistakes in the future.

myHomework2) myHomework

For Dyslexic children who struggle with organization and preparation in school, myHomework is here to help. This app is designed to help students create schedules, list class assignments, and record useful information for individual subjects. myHomework can help facilitate academic organization, an indispensable trait that only becomes more important school year after school year. For children who have difficulty staying on top of their schedule and assignments, this app can be help to enhance productivity.

Blio1) Blio

Blio is an excellent tool for Dyslexic children who struggle with reading and comprehension. Available in both a web-based and app version, Blio offers a host of ebooks. Children will benefit from a variety of features, including the app’s ability to highlight words while reading the text out loud, making it easier for users to follow along. Ebooks can be annotated, too, letting children make notes and reminders for important pieces of text. Font size can even be enlarged, limiting the number of words on-screen at a time to ease the reading process.

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