Apps and Videos for Understanding Autism

Recently, there has been a lot of attention given to apps and video games that help children with autism to improve communication, socialization, and problem solving skills. Getting lost in the shuffle is another powerful technology:  online videos that assist parents, educators, and the public in their awareness and understanding individuals with autism. The availability of high-quality online videos that portray the autistic experience, discuss the causes and treatment of autism, and introduce the use of apps for autism is an incredible educational tool.

A recent online series by the Toronto Star is one of the best sources for videos about autism. These videos include depictions of parents affected by autism, the teenage experience of autism,  a classroom for children with autism, and many more. My favorite video of the series is one on using apps for autism called, Autism Project: Breaking Through. This project shows a fourth grade student who uses the iPad as a tool for communication. The video describes how apps for autism can be used to improve attentiveness and social communication skills.

There are many other informative videos that can help kids and adults have a better understanding of autism. Two more of our favorites are An interview with Temple Grandin that shows how aytpical thinking may lead to creativity, and a video on strategies for using video games in the classroom to help children with autism.

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