Play Video Games to Think Faster

Did you know that you can play video games to think faster? Playing action-based video games like Cave Story and Batman Arkham Asylum can actually help you process information more quickly.  There is also evidence that action-based video games might help if you are dreaming to work in the military or need to quickly identify things that are out of the ordinary in your world.

Scientists are not yet certain that these games will help you to get your math homework done faster or finish your reading assignments in a flash, but, there is some reason to think that if you can train your brain with a variety of different action-based video games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and active games such as Wii Sports Tennis that you might improve your skills for homework completion.

For example, there is some excellent research that shows how playing dance games can improve reading comprehension. Playing action video games might also help you if you want to become a surgeon, as studies show how doctors who play action-based video games make less errors and complete surgery more quickly than those who don’t play action-based video games.

If you want  to process information faster, play a variety of video games to think faster, exercise your mind and body in activities such as art, reading and and sports and eat a healthy diet. Just remember that video game play is only one tool in self-improvement.

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