5 Reasons Your Parents Should Want You to Play Video Games

You know that video games are more than just a “waste of time”. Here are 5 reasons your parents should want you to play video games.

1.  You are learning from video games. Show off your new knowledge to your parents. For example, if your game has allowed you to learn something historical about World War II, pass it on to them. If you are using Planning skills to beat a game, tell them how these skills will help you with your science project or other schoolwork.

2. You get good grades. Nothing is more convincing to parents that you are using your time well than doing well in school. This helps you to have more time to do the things you like, such as playing video games.

3. You do more than play video games!  Even if you love playing video games, you need to do other things to be healthy and well-rounded, like playing sports and reading books. Your parents will notice that you are engaging in other activities.

4. Most of the time you play with your friends. When you play with your friends at home or online, your parents will understand that this is a social activity and let you do it a bit more.

5. Choose to play games that require movement and exercise. Your parents will see the value in these games.

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