Draw Something PlayNow

Ryan showcases Draw Something while using thinking skills like Planning and Self Awareness.

Slice It! PlayNow

Ryan showcases Slice it while using thinking skills like focus and planning!

Bit Trip Run PlayNow

Ryan showcases Bit Trip Run while using Flexibility and Focus.

Fruit Ninja PlayNow

Ryan showcases Fruit Ninja

BadLand PlayNow

Ryan showcases BadLand App while using the thinking skill Flexibility

Video Games That Teach Coding Concepts Without Meaning To

Kids should learn to code. Maybe you’re already a believer. Maybe you still need convincing (if so, you might want to read this article). Either way, it’s important to understand […]

Our Handy One-Page Guide to Screen Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently introduced new guidelines for children’s screen time. At a glance, they don’t seem all that different from the guidelines issued around this time last […]

Toca TV

Toca TV is a subscription-based video streaming service from popular app developer Toca Boca. Toca TV contains both original and manually curated content, created and chosen especially to encourage kids […]

Three Spooky Video Games with Brave Girl Protragonists

Halloween is a strange time of year. Rather than run away from what frightens us, we seek out the scary and welcome the weird. We dress up as monsters and […]

What’s So Great About Dragon Quest Builders?

Move over, Minecraft, there’s a new game in town. You’d think that a sandbox game like Minecraft would be the ultimate video game experience. After all, who doesn’t like being […]