Lumines: Electronic Symphony

This puzzle game helps with Time management, Flexibility and Organization, and is recomended to ages 7+.

TV and Kids: Know the Benefits and Concerns

Many parents I see are quite proud of how little they let children watch television, even if they are fully accepting (and even encouraging) of their children’s use of more […]

Case Study: Improving Focus with Video Games

The following case study is an example of the ways that video games can exercise Focus skills. The story itself is a variation of one or more patients I have […]

Angry Birds Space

This puzzle game helps with Planning and Flexibility, and is recommended for players ages 5+.

Partner With Us

Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we’re always seeking new ways to connect and build relationships with likeminded businesses, universities, clinicians, and developers. If your organization is interested in working with LWK, please […]


This simulation game helps with Organization, Self-Awareness, Planning, and Reading, and is recommended for kids ages 7+.

Can Playing Video Games Make Your Child Think Faster?

We did this research to help us learn about whether playing games such as Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, or Rock Band could help children to become faster and more […]

Playing Smarter in the Classroom


Our team of researchers from LearningWorks for Kids and The University of Rhode Island Education Department conducted an evaluation of our school-based programming.  This program, Playing Smarter, uses popular, […]

LW4K Research on Brain Training Games: Do they work?

In conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, LearningWorks for Kids conducted research on brain training games labeled as being effective for improving brain functioning. We did this research to examine whether popular brain-training […]

LearningWorks for Kids: Beta

Welcome to the new LearningWorks for Kids!

In beta, our new site has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide today’s parents with everything they need to turn kids’ […]