This Simulation game helps with Focus and Self-Awareness, and is recommended for kids ages 5+.

Star Wars Kinect

This active action game helps with Self-Control and Working Memory, is available on Xbox 360, and is recommended for kids ages 13+.

Disney Comics

Disney Comics is an app for downloading and reading the latest Disney comic books. Each comic is a bright and colorful depiction of the antics and adventures of familiar Disney […]


This action game helps with Flexibility, Focus, and Self Control, and is recommended for kids 6+.

Improve Your Video Game Play by Making Mistakes

One of the best things you can do as a parent to help a with rigid or inflexible child is to allow them to see you making mistakes, and responding appropriately. And there is hardly a better way to do this than by playing video games with your child… particularly if you are not a gamer.


An online blogging tool that allows users to create a personalized space for posting text, photos, videos, and other media.

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