Writing Dynamo

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 9.3
Fun score: 7.8

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used: ,

Writing Dynamo is a web-based text editing tool for students and writers. The webpage helps users store, organize, and draft new written work, all in one place. The interface is simple, allowing users to type in the website’s own basic word processing window, or upload their work from another program like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. Once uploaded, Writing Dynamo scans the document for errors in spelling, grammar, and style. Users receive basic summations of areas in which their writing needs improvement, as well as feedback on which parts of the writing were well executed. Feedback is also provided directly on the document, showing users where and how errors occurred, offering suggestions for a variety of word choices, and underlining spelling mistakes. Users may also click on correction marks to receive more information about what type of error was made and how to avoid making it again. Writing Dynamo is a great first line of defense for proofreading papers, essays, or creative work for any user, but due to the moderate reading and writing requirements, the app is recommended for users 8 an up.



This App is good for kids who need help with:


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

WritingDynamoA major component of successful, coherent, and proficient writing is organization. Whether this means organizing the words within a single sentence, structuring an essay, or preparing thoughts, ideas and resources before writing a first draft, organization is integral to the writing process. Writing Dynamo is equipped with the ability to offer users suggestions and corrections on a number of the key components to well organized writing. After submitting work for review, the program searches for possible improvements in sentence length, sentence structure, and redundancy, amongst other issues. Users are offered basic suggestions, as well as specific feedback superimposed over the text of their document. The program also offers more information about what type of error was made and how to avoid or improve it in the future. Writing Dynamo can help users who struggle with structuring their sentence and paragraphs improve basic organization in their written documents.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Writing Dynamo a great tool for users to make an objective assessment about the state of their own writing skills. The program will indicate where major errors are, making suggestions for improvements and fixes. The proofreader also provides an easy to understand chart of which components of a user's writing need the most improvement-- as well as which components were strong and well executed. For example, if users struggle with sentence structure, Writing Dynamo will indicate this weakness and offer an overall suggestion of how to improve. The program will also point out specific sentences within the document that require revision. Armed with this information, users can work to improve their writing by avoiding making the same mistakes in the future, understanding which areas need the greatest attention and which areas they are already strong in.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working. Following directions.

ExamplesWriting Dynamo proofreads users' documents for a number of common mistakes while offering suggestion for other basic improvements like variety of word choice. When reviewing the suggestions and corrections, users will learn their most common mistakes and the best strategies for correcting and avoiding them in the future. This gives users a set of recommendations and rules to keep in mind while they write. Writing Dynamo can be a great asset for learning basic grammar and committing the rules of syntax to memory. Additionally, the website will make suggestions for increasing the variety of word choices in a document, an excellent way to expand vocabulary. Each new proofread offers an opportunity for users to improve their writing through learning mistakes and committing the corrections to memory.


One of the most important steps in creating a polished work of writing is proofreading. Neglecting to proofread can mean missing obvious errors which degrade the overall quality of the writing. When using Writing Dynamo, users have an opportunity to proofread with the help of an automated editor. Though the website's technology is extremely useful, users must still read through their own work, as well as the app's the corrections and suggestions made by Writing Dynamo. For users who need help learning what errors to look for, this resource is of great value. This web resource can help students and writers learn the importance of proofreading, as well as instill methods for how to improve their own proofreading skills into the future.


Writing Dynamo is an excellent resource for helping users improve the quality and consistency of their writing. This application not only offers automated spellcheck and grammar proofreading, but will make suggestions on how users can improve other important components of writing, such as style, voice, and variety of word choice. No first draft is ever without errors. However, time, effort and headaches can be saved by understanding how to avoid obvious mistakes. Users will improve their skills as writers while using Writing Dynamo by learning a wide span of editorial tools and tactics, allowing them to understand their strengths and weakness and address each accordingly.

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