DreamBox Learning

LQ: 9.2


Brain grade: 9.6
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:


DreamBox is a instructional mathematics website that can be implemented by teachers, school systems, parents, and students. Users choose the grade level they would like to pursue (from Pre-K to Grade 6), and then choose the content they wish to study further. Users will encounter a host of helpful, thematically-linked videos and activities that provide a hands on approach to learning. The site is broken up into sections for administrators, teachers, parents, and math coordinators, with content specifically tailored to meet the needs of each group. Once users indicate their grade level, they will be presented with a content that matches up with their learning level, and completing the task-oriented activities earns them awards and accolades for answering correctly. A "my stuff" library catalogs the many badges and accomplishments users have garnered while using the DreamBox site, which provides a fun environment for learning where a warm voice-over delivers positive reinforcement and general direction. DreamBox is easy to navigate once an account is set up, and there is a free trial version available as well. Since the service can accommodate a range of learning levels, DreamBox Learning is recommended for children ages 4 and older.




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