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Best Web Resources for a Child with Slow Processing Speed

So you have a child with slow processing speed. What next?

Finding out your child has slow processing speed might take you a while to process. If you’re not sure […]

We Need Your Advice: How Do You Deal With Transitions?

In my work as a child psychologist, one of the things I see worrying parents the most is the “addictive” nature of social media and video game play. While I view most technology usage to be cognitively challenging and useful for kids, many parents worry about their kids only wanting to do things that involve a screen. And when it comes to kids with ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities, stopping video game play can cause intense distress and arguments, to the point where many parents no longer want them to play games, no matter what the potential benefit may be.

What is Slow Processing Speed in Children?

Slow processing speed is one of the most common difficulties observed in children who struggle with ADHD and other executive functioning and learning issues. But slower processing speed isn’t a […]

Helping Your Kids Find Balance in a Digital World

Raising kids in the digital age is a tough job. It can be difficult to parent around technology and social media. You don’t want screens to dominate your child’s life, […]

Games and Apps That Help Build Emotional Literacy

There’s a reason empathy is a buzzword these days, and it isn’t just because the world needs more kindness and understanding. For critics of the memorize-and-regurgitate style of learning, empathy […]

What to Do When Your Child Loves Screen Time More Than Anything

Parenting a child has never been a simple task. But in a society so dominated by technology, with the outside world so easily brought into our homes by the Internet […]

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